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SRS Cinema LLC is among the leaders in ultra low budget indie film distribution, having evolved to it’s current form from it’s roots as “Salt City Home Video” in 1992.  We have handled rights to over 300 movies domestically and worldwide. SRS Cinema now distributes DVD exclusively through MVD, while our Sub Rosa branch handles limited special edition VHS releases.

SRS Cinema has also produced over dozen features films, most recents efforts include “Clay”, “Ms Cannibal Holocaust”, “Night of Something Strange”, “She Kills” and are contributing a segment to “H/I/8″.

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PS Check out the teaser trailer for “She Kills” as well:

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Tim Ritter’s “Deadly Dares” Blu-Ray Hits Sunday Night



Tim Ritter’s latest sequel to his cult hit “Truth or Dare”, “Deadly Dares”. hits Blu-Ray for the first time in a 100 unit special edition BD-R limited release.  This will be the first ever release of the HD cut of the movie.

“Deadly Dares” stars Jessica Cameron, and includes clips from fans/fellow filmmakers from around the world.  “America has become a nation of “Maniacs ‘R Us”, playing the childhood game of “truth or dare” in cyberspace with murderous results. Among those caught up in this craze, Tuner Downing [Casey Miracle], a downtrodden man dumped by his girl, gets obsessed with serial killer Mike Strauber–the Coppermasked Madman–and tries too hard to follow in his bloody footsteps, even to the point of breaking his ‘hero’ out of incarceration. Chock full of bloody twists and turns, this is the one you’ve been screaming for!”

The Blu-ray release tentatively will include a new commentary tracks, Joel Wynkoop’s version of the flashback, a few extended dare sequence and trailer.  Extras are subject to change until disc is finalized.

Grab it HERE once LIVE, at just 100 units it won’t last!

DEADLY DARES: Truth Or Dare IV Official Theatrical Trailer from Tim Ritter on Vimeo.

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