One of the Rarest Shot on Video Movies Returns…

SRS Cinema LLC is excited to bring back one of the rarest shot on video movies out there, Paul Knop’s “Curvaceous Corpses”!

Brace and Kelly, a horror film directing duo who also happen to be lovers, have invited their catty cast of buxom starlets to a secluded mansion for the weekend to film their latest slice and dice masterpiece. The plot of their current production (also entitled “Curvaceous Corpses”) revolves around an unknown assailant dispatching his unsuspecting female victims one by one using a gold snake necklace that delivers a deadly dose of curare poison through it’s hypodermic fangs. Unfortunately for the ill-fated participants, the lines between reality and fiction become blurred once the bodies begin piling up on the set for real. Are Brace and Kelly hoping to set a new standard for snuff realism by actually executing their cast on video or will their obliviousness to the impending danger lead to their own demise in the ultimate twist ending?

Paul was one of the nicest filmmakers we ever dealt with, and our releases of his fun-filled movies are among the most celebrated from our long history. We’re honored to bring his work back both to appease the collectors who so badly want to see his work (but can’t find it due to the rarity of his work, an old VHS of the movie sells for $500+ – unless you find a bootleg, and we’re hoping this curtails any bootlegs out there), and introduce him to a whole new generation of potential fans.

LIMITED EDITION, only 50 Blurays and 30 VHS (via a partnership with Saturn Core) will be sold! PRESALES start 5/9/19 7pm EST (and will show as out of stock until then) with copies expected to ship late June.