It’s not Heavy, It’s my Movie – “Metal Noir” Plays One More Gig!

David R. William’s lost S.O.V. masterpiece METAL NOIR has been found! Shot in the late 80’s, METAL NOIR tells the story of a young horror novelist Laurel, who recently moved into an old house with a strange past. Soon she is thrust into a world or pleasure and pain ruled by the maniacal Dark God.

Laurel Oberion thinks she’s buying a nice house, but gets more than she bargained for!  Haunted by a dead anthropologist and his satanic wife, Laurel’s newfound home turns into a bloodbath of sexual desires when pain and pleasure mix indiscriminately.  A basement of terror hides the secret… blood flows as human sacrifice leads to resurrection of a Dark God… and only Laurel can stop it before it’s too late!

Writer’s block becomes psychotic madness in METAL NOIR, where blood-spattered sex leads to face-stabbing gore!

Long thought to be a lost movie, METAL NOIR is presented here for the first time on any format complete and UNCUT! Featuring early acting roles by Cult Filmmakers Charles Pinion (Twisted Issues, Red Spirit Lake, We Await) and Hugh Gallagher (Gorgasm, Gorotica, Gore Whore)!

SRS Cinema is working with SOV Horror to handle the new release, and this time we are handling just the VHS for this awesome flick. It will be limited to just 25 copies ever.

PRESALES starts 7pm EST Thurs 6/13/19 with copies expected to ship around mid July.

GRAB THE VHS HERE ONCE AVAILABLE – and save a few $$’s by taking advantage of presale pricing.

Prefer DVD? Grab the limited edition DVD from SOV horror at