You’ll Pass Out Over this Ultra Rare Title from the SOV Era!

One of the rarest and most highly sought shot on video release out there, Paul Knop’s “Chloroformed”, comes back in limited edition Bluray and VHS, with pre-sales starting tonight!

Six tantalizing tales about the “The Phantom Photographer” who wanted to take some very “unique” shots of five lovely ladies, all wearing bikinis, posing like they had just been murdered. Needless to say, the models didn’t particularly care to pose for such photos. A slight “whiff” of chloroform provides “the perfect solution” to his problems.

Paul Knop was one of the nicest filmmakers we ever dealt with, and our releases of his fun-filled movies are among the most celebrated from our long history. We’re honored to bring his work back both to appease the collectors who so badly want to see his work (but can’t find it due to the rarity of his work, an old VHS of the movie sells for $500+ – unless you find a bootleg, and we’re hoping this curtails any bootlegs out there), and introduce him to a whole new generation of potential fans.

Limited Edition, only 50 blurays will be sold (and they will go fast, so grab early. VHS edition coming later)! Pre-Sales, copies go on sale 11/14/19 at 7pm EST are expected to start shipping late Dec 2019. Reserve your copy and save!