“She Kills” was written and directed by Ron Bonk and produced by Jonathan Straiton.

It stars Jennie Russo, Trey Harrison, Michael Merchant and Jody Pucello.


A list of film festivals and quotes “She Kills” has received:

Film Festivals:

OFFICIAL SELECTION – Ottawa Spookshow and Fantastic Film Festival 2015

OFFICIAL SELECTION – Cinemafantastique Film Festival 2016

OFFICIAL SELECTION – Los Angeles Cinefest 2016

OFFICIAL SELECTION – Calgary Horror Convention 2016

OFFICIAL SELECTION – Genreblast Film Festival 2016

OFFICIAL SELECTION – Bmovie and Underground Trash Film Festival 2016

OFFICIAL SELECTION – Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival 2016

OFFICIAL SELECTION – New England Underground Film Festival 2016


OFFICIAL SCREENING -Scare-A-Con New England 2016

OFFICIAL SCREENING – Scare-A-con Verona 2016

OFFICIAL SCREENING – Spin Me Round Records, NJ 2016


“SHE KILLS is raunchy, gory, and altogether wrong in so many ways. It’s also a pretty damn good time.”
-Ain’t It Cool News

“The overt homages work in this zany throwback’s favor, fitting nicey beside purposely shoddy practical effects, involving shot penises, torn off breasts, people getting eaten by monstrous vaginas, and so on. Sure, modern grindhouse wannabes are a tired trend, but through sheer lunacy that makes Troma seem sober, She Kills rises above its stale contemporaries.”
-Rue Morgue Magazine

“This sh*t is off the wall bat-sh*t insane and I loved every single o’er the top (way, way o’er, my creeps) moment!”
-Famous Monsters of Filmland

“Non stop in laughs and gore, She Kills belongs alongside the heavyweight greats such as Dear God, No! and Father’s Day”.
-Horror Underground

-“She Kills is an awesome, crude, low budget grindhouse homage comedy that is easily the most pro-woman movie since the original I Spit On Your Grave.”
-411 Mania

“- it’s a rousing good time of madness, mayhem, gore, comedy, eroticism, revenge, and much much more that delivers the goods! See it…more than once.”

“Ron Bonk is one of the most dedicated and talented filmmakers I know, and he continues to do outstanding work as a writer/producer/director. SHE KILLS is a genuine tour de force of suspense and horror, and it will greatly satisfy all the fans who are addicted to gory murder and mayhem.”
– John Russo (“Night of the Living Dead”)

“A nearly perfectly executed grindhouse horror/comedy film!”

“How much fun is this film? Perhaps this will explain it best: immediately after watching it, I started it at the beginning and watched it again. And both times I was not bored for an instance.”
-Indie Horror Films

“She Kills is a magnificent exploitation film, demented , well written and directed.”
-Dark Veins

“I have yet to see another film like this. I have watched so many indie and low budget films and reviewed thousands, nothing with a premise this so fucking off the wall. She Kills really delivers something that fans are going to really get excited about.”
-Wicked Channel

“Uproarious, over-the-top, and downright brilliant”.

“It’s over-the-top insanity, borrowing freely from 1970s grindouse cinema and 1980s direct-to-video genre fare, but taking the insanity of those several steps further.”
-(Re)Search My Trash

“SHE KILLS manages to shake off a lot of its competitors, none more so than its completely gung-ho approach and total disregard for political correctness.”
-The Slaughtered Bird

“The film is the perfect blend of They Call Her One Eye and Teeth but with a Troma spin.”
-Horror Society

“Filled with gore, nudity, lots of bloody action, touching, sexuality, disgusting humor and visuals, a ton of homage to the 1970’s grindhouse/exploitation, independent filmmaking beauty and just plain fun, SHE KILLS is out to offend, make you laugh and entertain those willing to dare this indie gem!”
-Terror Time

“If you want a good low budget comedy/horror, give SHE KILLS a watch.”
-Bloody Banter & Bizarre

“It is a film that I will have on my shelf and watch over and over.”
-A Southern Life in Scandalous Times

“It’s a rarity now a days where no budget horror and humor can blend in such a sweet sickness as only underground master Ron Bonk can do it! Gore for gags at its best with an underlying respect to the cult, horror and exploitive films of the past… She Kills is Sick, hysterical, disturbing and of course a satisfying comfort food for the dark soul!”
-Jay Kay, Horror Happens Radio Show