India’s Biggest B-Movie Star is Back with “The Son of Devil”


It’s the legend, Gora, writing, directing and staring in his first feature length film, “The Son of Devil”. Ok, we don’t know if he is India’s biggest B-Movie star, but he’s the only B-Movie actor we know from India, so that has to count for something, right?


“The legend is back – GORA! – with his first full-length feature film (nearly 3 hours long!). Written, directed and starring GORA!

He was an educated, ambitious and a poor young man. He dreamt of being admired by the whole world by his name. But, he was very poor. He found none in this world to call him friend or his relative. He was absolutely a lone person in this world. He would work among the masses.Those common people would count him as an estranged person, because if a person like him who has no permanent place to live and no income, with dreams of becoming a celebrity, he is to be called nothing but a mad man.His friends and relatives left him forever. Only one person never left him. That is his girlfriend. That girlfriend was employed in the detective department of Government. That girl intimated her senior officer about this guy. Upon hearing from her, the boy appeared before the Interview Board. But, that senior officer astonished the boy by demanding the money for the job. As a result, the boy had an altercation with the officer and he left the place. One day his only girlfriend left him to understand that he is totally useless. Being shocked, the guy was shattered in utter despair and sorrow. He became a lonely person in the entire world. One day suddenly he got a book on ‘Black Magic’ under the tree in the jungle. While reading the book, he came very much excited in ecstasy. The topic contained some rituals that would make him the most powerful man in the world. And then he started the activities by killing many people for collect their blood as coded in the book.”

This is an EXCLUSIVE limited edition release from SRS Cinema. Presales start 9/13/18 @ 7pm EST, with copies expected to start shipping around end of Oct. 2018.



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