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Hello everyone, my name is Ron Bonk and I run this site/company you’re visiting, SRS Cinema,, one of the oldest continually running indie horror labels in the world (31 years this April, 2023). I’ve produced over 60 movies, directed a dozen of those myself, and handle distribution on over 1000 movies in all my years doing this.

For 2023, I have some exciting projects planned: shorts, proof-of-concepts and features. I’ve launched this Patreon specifically to raise funds towards my personal projects – motion pictures I will be directing myself. In grateful return, I’d like to offer filmmakers and fans a chance to get an inside look at all things SRS on a scale I’ve never done before. I’ve set up 3 Patreon levels to aid me in my quest:

$5 “Video Chats & Community” – I’d like to help filmmakers and fans alike get an inside look at the ins and outs of indie horror movies, in everything from scriptwriting and fundraising, to directing and on-set stories, to editing and distribution, and more. I will host monthly 1-2 hour video chats with Patreon members to share my many years of knowledge, offer advice and guidance, and answer your questions. You will help me determine the monthly topics via our exclusive community message board.

$10 “Inside Scoopage” – You get everything with the “Video Chats & Community”, PLUS an exclusive, first inside look at these projects as they unfold. This may be casting notices, plot details, concept art, advance photos, behind the scenes videos and more. You’ll feel like you’re on set with us!

$25 “Exclusive Previews” – You get everything with “Video Chats & Community” and “Inside Scoopage”, PLUS you will have EXCLUSIVE previews of the shorts prior to national release. See them BEFORE anyone else!

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed talking about all aspects of movies with a multitude of filmmakers and fans. I’ve thought about how I might share my knowledge and experience on a larger scale, and this is where this Patreon comes in. I look forward to having you all join me on set this year!

-Ron Bonk

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